SE "The Main information center of Ukrainian railways" is engaged in the deployment and maintenance of the automated information data systems, the serve of the information services for the railway companies and the railway's clients, and also the maintaince and development of the Ukrainian railway's data network.

Among the most important of the automated information data systems and software-hardware systems have the following special role:


Automated information system of the passenger transportation management(AIS PT UZ) provides passenger service on the acquisition, exchange and return tickets. AIS PT UZ provides a seat reservation and ticket sales for passenger trains. AIS PT UZ has replaced the automated systems such as Express 2 and Express UZm.

Automated information system of the passenger transportation management operate on the powerful mainframe IBM Z9. This allows to serve the hundreds of requests per second with a minimum delay.


Automated information system of the cargo transportation management(AIS CT UZs) was running since 07/07/2012 instead of previous automated information systemы ASOUP and AIS CT UZ, which functioned at the level of the Ukrainian railways. New system was designed for centralization of the cargo transportation management process.

AIS Client

System AIS Client UZ provide the modern service for the Ukranian railways clients for preparation electronic bill of lading.

System AIS Client UZ was designed to provide service of preparation documents for the cargo transportation by clients of railway.Documents are drawn in accordance with the requirements of Regulation of the cargo transportation by railway of Ukraine.

The structure and formating of electronic data of the bills of lading in the AIS Client UZ corresponds to the current regulatory documents of Ukrzaliznytsya and the requirements for the automated information systems in the railway branch.

Information about AIS Client.

AIS Mesplan

Automated information system of documents circulation of the orders for the cargo transportation and forming of the plans(AIS Mesplan) was designed for management of the freight car park of Ukrzaliznytsya and for a convenient service of the order freight cars for the clients of railway transport of Ukraine.

Information about AIS Mesplan.

Accredited Certification Authority Center

According to active law, Ukrzaliznytsya and other enterprises, that are part of it, as state enterprise must to use the reinforced key certificates which are serviced in the Accredited Certification Authority Center(ACAC).

The Certification Authority Center (CAC) and the using of the digital signature technology grants the legal status for the documents which are sent as a electronic document between Ukrzaliznytsya, the Railways, organizations and enterprises of the railway transport, and also between the railway structures and the clients.

Information about Accredited Certification Authority Center of Ukrzaliznytsya

Online reservation and purchase tickets of Ukrzaliznytsya

Although the online reservation and purchase tickets of Ukrzaliznytsya is a newest of services, that we maintain, but, thanks to a simple and convenient user interface, it gained big popularity since May 2012, when a first ticket was sold.

You can easy make buying or reservation ticket or You can just find information about tickets availability.

Online reservation and purchase tickets of Ukrzaliznytsya